How iTunes has changed Mastering:

iTunes has literally revolutionized the music industry. If anyone doesn't

think that Apple is a music company- think again! In 2010, this computer company credited 20% or fully one fifth of its revenue to iTunes music sales and iPod sales. It's ever growing popularity presents several challenges specifically for the mastering engineer. The tiny itty-bitty speakers we use to listen via iTunes (earbuds) sound different than stereo speakers and more traditional over-ear headphones. This means that the mastering engineer has to compensate for arguably the largest difference between listening environments since the dawn of the consumer music industry.

In addition, track spacing on a record or CD will not present itself as desired via iTunes. Track spacing is somewhat of an art form.  Following a dramatic ballad or heart wrenching love song, a listeners mind needs time to digest before the next driving rock tune begins. Track spacing is not a science by any means. Nowadays, with iTunes, a mastering engineer has to consider track placement and spacing with the consideration that the "Gap" between CD tracks may not exist if imported to a computer music library.

We love iTunes!! But it certainly presents a new age challenge to an age-old process. We offer a customized approach to iTunes optimization for those interested.

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