As Digilog grew, we naturally pursued the reverse progression by later adding quite a bit of analog and tube processing- toys we could not afford in our younger days.  Oddly enough, over the past few years, increases in computer processing power and digital resolution, and much better sounding digital workstations have allowed us to make a u-turn once again; the epitome of “Best of both Worlds.”

In 2002, Digilog moved its primary facility to Philadelphia Pennsylvania. While we maintain partnerships with 2 studios in New England, the majority of the Mastering Magic and Post Production services are performed in Philadelphia

Digilog will Master as high as 64 bit and 192k Sample Rate. Music will be output at the appropriate technical specifications for the end product.  See “What you may wonder about” for more information.

Scholarships:  We at DSI recognize too well the unique challenges this industry presents to new artists.  Therefore, we are proud to offer scholarships to unsigned artists and independent releases.  If interested, please email us at  In support of our local community, applicants must reside within, or perform regularly within the Philadelphia area, or provide significant support to the recording arts within our community.  Also, we will most certainly ask for samples of your work.  That said, we are very proud to continue to do all we can to support the recording arts with our great city of Philadelphia, and the surrounding suburbs.

Toys and Gear include:


Our Digital Audio Workstation of choice for Traditional Mastering is Wavelab, and when Mastering from Stems, we prefer Pro Tools.  We accept an extensive amount of Audio and Sound formats from a variety of different project types, including sound for Video in Media Composer and Final Cut Pro (including Soundtrack). All Workstations run their most current release, except in the case of Final Cut Pro where we run both versions X and 7 (Which may make some of you in the film industry snicker...)


As both an art and a science, mastering depends less on what workshop one uses, and more on the tools within his/her shop.  The most important tools are the two receptors on each side of an engineer’s head, and the experience a craftsman has with them.  We do maintain many of the industry iconic eq’s and compressors, including those from Manley, Neve and SPL, as well as a plethora of mastering and restoration plugins from Sonoris, Oxford, Brainworx, PSP, Sonnox, Antares, Isotope, bla bla bla and etc...  And yes, we have just about every Waves plug in as well.

We mention a decent list above, however, we encourage musicians not to dwell too much on gear resumes.  Even we, with a pretty extensive gear list, rarely use more than our favorite 6 or 7 tools.  More important than a list of gear is experience and experimentation.  Consider the owner of the most beautiful sounding guitar. Only the true melodic capability of this instrument can be achieved by a musician with the knowledge and experience in how to bring this particular instrument to life.  Toys are fun, but knowledge and experience is everything.  Stay in school ; )

Small list of regular go-to’s for referring-engineers sake:

Outboard Compression: Manley

Outboard Eq: SPL, Neve, Black Lion

Outboard Ambience: TC Electronic

Air Traffic Controller: Dangerous Music Liaison

Inboard Compression: PSP, Sonoris, Waves SSL

Inboard Eq: Waves Q Series, Waves V Series, Brainworx

Inboard Ambience: Waves Convolution

Other Common Inboard: Ozone for Exciters

Converters: Lynx, Avid

Monitors: Focal

Workstation: Wavelab, Pro Tools for Stems

Who are we:

Digilog Sound & Image has been a premier Mastering Facility for 16 years, emerging in 1995 as the first fully digital mastering facility in New England.  At the time, this did not earn bragging rights as digital audio had barely made it out of its infantile stages by then. However, it was a monumental cost saving to the musician to have everything processed in the digital domain, and therefore opened the door to pro level mastering for many artisans.


16 CARA Nominations

3 CARA Wins

3 BOCA Appearances

2 Voices Only Appearances

2 Sing Appearances

NEAC Community Service Award

(Yep, we do a lot of Vocal Records)